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King Cheng Tang of of China .

Tang was the first ruling king of the Shang dynasty in Chinese history. He overthrew , the last ruler of the Xia dynasty.

He was the head of his tribe for more than 17 years, and during that time period, he employed wise men as civil officials and revamped his government.

Seeing that the Xia Dynasty has began to falter, Tang initiated eleven wars against Xia Dynasty, taking large quantities of land and subduing many vassal states. After an internal rebellion in Xia, Tang swept away the Xia armies in one final victory in 1600 BC. He then set Jie into exile until he died.

Tang's reign was regarded as a good one by the Chinese. He lowered taxes and the conscription rate of soldiers. His influence spread to the Yellow River, and many outlying tribes became vassal states. He also established Anyang as the new capital of China.

Tang, his given name is Lu. His ancestor is Yilu, married with Jiandi, daughter of Gaoxin. Yilu had a son called Yao Situ, he was appointed as Vassal by Xia King by his contribution to his people. and after 13 generations, born a man called Zhuggui, father of Tang.

After 18 years as leader of Shang tribe, which was Xia's state, Tang defeated Xia and he got his throne in the year of Guihai. His capital was at Bo.

The war between Xia and Shang happened in the year of Renwu.

He built a palace called Xia She to remember Xia Dynasty,

In the 19th year of his regime , there was a drought.

The Di and Qiang people sent envoy to worship him, also regarded him as their king.

In the 20th year of his regime, there was a drought and the last king Jie of Xia died at Tingshan. He banned dancing and singing, in order to plead with heaven to rain.

In the 21st year of his regime, there was drought again. Tang made Golden coins to be given to the poor family that sold their children caused by the drought, so that they can buy their children back.

From the 22nd year to 24th year of his regime, there was still drought.

After 5 years of continuous drought, Tang prayed at Sanglin, promised that if it did not rain, he will sacrifice himself to the God who in charge of Raining. Finally it rained.

In the 25th year of his regime, he wrote Dahu music. This year was the first time he hunted.

In the 27th year of his regime, he moved the 9 bronze vessels, or ding, made by Yu of Xia, to the Shang Palace.

In the 29th year of his regime, he died. He ruled 13 years after defeated Xia.

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