Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yang Jia

Yang Jia (: 陽甲, born Zi He , was a Shang Dynasty King of China.

In the ''Records of the Grand Historian'' he was listed by Sima Qian as the eighteenth Shang king, succeeding his father's cousin Nen Geng . He was enthroned in the year of Renxu with Yan as his capital. In the third year of his reign he sent troops against the barbarians of Danshan . He ruled for about 17 years before his death. He was given the posthumous name Yang Jia and was succeeded by his younger brother Pan Geng .

Oracle script inscriptions on unearthed at Yinxu alternatively record that he was the seventeenth Shang king, given the posthumous name Xiang Jia .

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